About Cullaloe

Cullaloe Local Nature Reserve is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust (“SWT”) and is located approximately 2 miles north of Aberdour, along the B9157.  The site was originally created as a fresh water reservoir, serving the burgh of Burntisland, in the late 1800’s but was decommissioned in 1986 when it was no longer required.

Under the management of SWT, Cullaloe has been allowed to return to a more natural state, with very little evidence of the old reservoir still remaining.  The site lends itself to supporting a variety of habitats in a relatively small space, such as mature woodland, willow scrub and various wetlands.   You can still find traces of the site’s past as you walk through it, from the towering dam wall beside the car park, to the blue metal sluice-gate platform near the viewing screen.

Below is a photograph of how Cullaloe looked just after the draining of the south reservoir.  The area of open land you can see in the foreground is now completely obscured by a wet willow woodland.

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