Posted by: 4getmenotflower | February 13, 2010

Well, hello there!

This is our new home… what do you think? 🙂  We are enjoying the more roomy feel and the great scenery!

Today hasn’t just been about Cullaloe online though!  Oh no!  Grahame and I have also been down to the reserve to do a bit of sticking!  You may notice that some of the trees, particularly around the area of the screen, have silver sticking plasters on them.  Please, please, please don’t remove these!  We have been asked to mark certain trees for our manager, to help with up-coming work on the reserve.  Its nothing drastic – don’t worry! Its just a visible marker for our colleagues, the Conservation Team 🙂

Spring was definitely in the air today though!  Blackbirds, Robins and Chaffinches were all in fine voice as the pairing up challenge has begun for this year!  Grahame even managed to persuade a Great Spotted Woodpecker to drum with him on the pine trees for a little while! 😉  Grahame got a good beat going, but couldn’t quite manage the tempo and deeper timbre of the Woodpecker.  Mind you, Woody has had more practice! 😉

Anyway!  Off to mark more trees!



  1. Pintail was showing quite well yesterday (Sunday 28th Feb) on the loch, but being harassed a little by a couple of the resident Mallard drakes. Because it was at the far side from the viewing screen, the photos I got aren’t that great.

    The high water levels seem to have chased many of the other breeds of duck off, and it was unusual to see water pouring over the TOP of the walkway across the spillway!

    BTW: Much prettier site!

    • I’m glad you approve of the new site, Ian! 🙂

      It looks as though the Pintail had been joined by a female when I was down there this morning. Definitely a nice addition to the Cullaloe list, though! We’ve been seeing Pintail there since the start of the thaw in mid-January. He’d disappeared for a couple of weeks, but has now come back. I wonder how long he’ll stay for this time?

      The pipes in the walkway were becoming more than a little clogged up with debris, so the water was backing up quite a bit. I had a go at clearing them this morning, so hopefully it shouldn’t be happening again.


  2. This is cropped from my original photo, and is probably the best(!) shot I got of the Pintail:

    The spillway in full flow!:

  3. I for one am very glad that you made the Pintail pic available Ian! I haven’t had a chance to see it personally yet, so its great to get a look at it this way at least!


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