Posted by: cullaloelnr | April 23, 2008

More arrivals, plus outings

First of all, apologies for the slow update to the blog. Janie and I have been away up north for a few days for a spot of R & R. We’re back now, though, so I promise I’ll keep it up to date, particularly with all of the new arrivals we’re getting.

On April 12th we had an outing to the reserve from the Edinburgh Natural History Society. It was a relativley pleasant day, though the wind was bitingly cold. Despite the late spring we’ve been having this year, plenty was to be seen. The highlights were the Roe Deer up on the hills, the Hares in the neighbouring field and the Snipe which were flushed from the Snipe Bog. Several different plant and fungi species were identified on the reserve, and I’d like to express a big thank you to everyone who came along and particularly those who helped me understand and identify the various plants on the reserve.
I have to admit, plants really are not my strong point (I normally leave those to Janie) so it was good to get an insight from such knowledgeable people.

Recently we’ve had the arrival of Willow Warblers on the reserve. We had our first sighting on Sunday 13th April and they’ve been there ever since. When i went along yesterday evening, i counted at least 10 singing birds, along with 4 or 5 singing Chiffchaffs. We’ve recently had an increase in Reed Buntings to the reserve, with 4 males and 2 females sighted this morning.
The most interesting new sighting on the reserve over the past little while was a Common Lizard found on Sunday. I found it in the early morning near the field where the flying flock are resident.

Janie and I have also invested in some pond dipping kits, which we’ve taken out for a little outing to the reserve. It’s still early yet for a lot of the pond life, but there were still plenty of water boatmen, beetle larvae, beetles, snails and flatworms to be found. We’ll definitely be doing that more regularly. Who knows, i may even be able to persuade Janie to update the blog again with some of our findings!


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